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Lady Fortune does not smile on everyone; but when she does it has got to be a jackpot. So, if you are all ready and geared up for the next big thing in the kingdom of lottery, here it comes. The $390 million grand prize Mega Millions draw is coming up! But are you ready for it. Let us check the latest status.

The game is still on and the draw will open on 11 pm ET TUESDAY 6/28/2016. In fact, the unprecedented growth that Mega Millions has witnessed in 2015 is tremendous. In 2014, there were some monumental changes in the game, with the option of buying tickets online. The game got bigger and better. Think of the potential group of customers which is more than 250 million people.

It has given very tough competition to its peers. In terms of prize, Mega Millions has always been a notch higher than its peers. Many people who have already participated in this game have said that the chances of winning this game are definitely slim but the jackpots are so much bigger than other lottery games.

The online phenomenon has only added to its popularity. Many people from UK who were henceforth not aware that the game could be played online were thrilled with the online aspect.

Many a times it was seen that the players were only interested in the game when the stakes were higher than its competitors. But when they realized the worth of the prize money and the potential of higher jackpots, they soon became loyal followers. And now with the latest draw to be happening this Tuesday, the enthusiasm of the game is on a high note. It has been noted that Mega Millions has the highest number of record breaking jackpots. The highest recorded win has been one of over $500 million.

There have been quite a few rule changes making the game better and bigger for the players. The jackpots have increased tremendously boosting the enthusiasm of the players. Compared to its competitors which seem to lag in many ways, the game has increased its potential over the years. Ten world record breaking wins have been noted from this game. And as they say, when the jackpot starts to roll, you should begin counting your money. The players who have noticed the change in jackpot sizes, and the rules of benefits have already spread the word. And now it seems that the game is on an all-time high.

Mega Millions is something that has given the confidence to people that there are bigger jackpot lottery games, a lot bigger than the regular local lotto. Playing in Mega Millions is like owning an Apple. It is like having a slice of modern technology at its best. It is new; jackpots are huge; winners are happy; and the jackpot seems to roll more money than usual lately. Plus if one looks at the rate of growth, they are bound to be impressed.

This game has witnessed humungous growth in one year, and if predictions are to be believed it is going to get much bigger. Plus this game gives you the opportunity to play the game from the comforts of your home.

So, try the new Mega Millions online and you will find a new world. The concept is unique and players like the online aspect of the game. Actually many feel that this is better than the older version. It is fast and easy to play.

So, what are you waiting for? This Tuesday, the game gets bigger with the stakes as high as $390 million. You can still place your bets. It is time to turn the Wheel of Fortune. And who knows that there might be a jackpot waiting for you down the lane?

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