Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

As Christmas closes in for the year 2020, financially stable people have started finalizing their plans and holidays as to where they are going to be during the holidays. These are the people who were fortunate enough not to take much of an impact on their financial conditions due to the pandemic.

However, majority of the people around the world were not as fortunate as they ended up losing their jobs and are worried about their financial conditions. For millions of families around the world this year, Christmas will be without presents, visits, and holidays.

But among all this chaos and atmosphere of discontent, the Lott is trying its best to create the best and highly paying opportunities for its players. The Lott just completed a century of its operations in Australia back in 2017 and plans to continue its services for an infinite amount of time.

For more than 100-years, the Lott has been making a difference in the lives of Australians and helping them make their lives easy and convenient. Whether it is a few hundred or thousands that benefit from the Lott’s each draw, still it is playing its role in keeping the Australians hopeful.

This time, the Lott has helped a man from New South Wales bring happiness to himself and his family in the Christmas holidays. The man from Dubbo (NSW) got more than a present as he won a prize of $100,000 from Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

The $5 ticket for the Christmas Crosswords Instant Scratch-Itslanded the lucky winner with a prize money of $100,000. The Lott revealed that the winner purchased the $100,000 winning ticket from News Extra that is located at 117 Macquarie Street (Dubbo).

The Lott had the opportunity of interviewing the $100,000 winner of the Scratch-Its game powered by the NSW Lottery. The player expressed that he was full of joy and happiness for bagging such a huge win right before the Christmas holidays.

The winner said that as the Christmas was closing in, he was worried what he was going to do about it. He had no savings or any source where he could get the money to celebrate the Christmas. With no possibility in sight, he thought of trying his luck and invested the only $5 he could invest.

He then bought the Instant Scratch-Its ticket and started scratching it to see if he had landed a win or nothing. The player said he could not believe his eyes when he saw that he had won a $100,000 prize from the only ticket that he had purchased.

The player said that he was too excited from the win as now he will be able to spend his holidays the way he had always dreamed of spending them.

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