Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

The Lott from Australia is honored and proud to present the story of a lucky winner who was blessed with a huge prize. The player was extremely happy and burst into tears when she was contacted, and informed that she had won the top prize.

The Lott has revealed that the player won the 1st prize from the ‘Play for Purpose’ raffle. The lottery also confirmed the prize that the player managed to win from the draw. The prize for the 1st prize was worth AUD$250,000.

It was the latest raffle that was carried out by The Lott for the ‘Play for Purpose’ game. The Lott has confirmed what prizes were included in the 1st prize that was worth AUD$250,000.

The Lott has confirmed that from the 1st prize, the player has received AUD$125,000 in the form of cashable gold, a premium Range Rover Evoque, and AUD$25,000 worth of vouchers.

The lottery has confirmed that the vouchers belong to some of the top retailers in Australia.

The Lott also revealed what the ‘Play for Purpose’ raffle has to offer its players. The lottery states that each ticket bought the ‘Play for Purpose’ raffle has the potential to win a range of prizes for the players.

The money that The Lott generates/raises from the sales of these tickets is used for good causes. The Lott clarified that it is up to the lottery players to decide which good Australian cause they want to donate the money to.

The Lott revealed that the winner of the raffle is a disability worker and is a resident at the central coast.

While talking to the lottery officials, the winner informed that she could not believe that she had won the 1st prize when she was informed about it.

The player said that she became so happy and emotional that she cried really badly when she got off the call with the lottery operators. The player said that she could not believe she had won such a big prize and called her family right away.

She was filled with joy that she had won something really big. The player said that she had been playing lotteries for some time but never had she tried the ‘Play for Purpose’ raffle.

She decided to play it when a friend of hers told her that should choose to whom she wants to donate the money to. The player stated that she liked the idea of it and decided to play the lottery. She said that she chose the Guide Dogs Queensland cause.

The player commended the contributions that Guide Dogs Queensland has made for the disabled community in the country.

The player said that first of all, she will be visiting the entire of Australia, and then she will decide what she wants to do later.

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