Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

A Lottery Ticket Bought From Luray Wins a Chef a Whopping Prize of 0,000

Who would have thought that spending money on one’s girlfriend would end up winning a fortune to a guy? This is exactly what happened to Justin Harris when he ended up winning a huge lottery prize.

Justin Harris who is a resident from Charlottesville, Virginia told the media about his dramatic win. Justin informed that he had gone out on a holiday with his girlfriend as he was out celebrating her birthday.

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He told that while they were going away for their holiday spot, they made a stop at Luray. He informed that they bought stopped at a convenience store to do some shopping for the road. While at the store, he came across the stall for the Virginia Lottery.

Mr. Harris stated that it was that moment where his luck worked in his favor. He informed that he bought the ticket for the $15 Million Up For Grabs lottery powered by the Virginia lottery.

He told that once they reached their destination, they decided to scratch-off the ticket together. Mr. Harris informed me that he was surprised and shocked to see that he had actually won a jackpot prize of $150,000.

Mr. Harris informed the VA lottery that he and his girlfriend both could not believe their eyes and were in a state of shock.

The store where Justin Harris bought the ticket from was a 7-Eleven store. The 7-Eleven store is located at 1034 US Highway 211 that is located in Luray.

The Virginia lottery revealed the information around the $15 Million Up For Grabs lottery draw. The range of the prizes offered by the $15 Million Up For Grabs starts from $5 and goes all the way up to $150,000.

So far, two lucky winners have been able to bag the jackpot prize of $150,000 for the $15 Million Up for Grabs lottery draw. The second jackpot prize has been claimed by Justin Harris who is a chef by profession. There are still two more jackpot prizes for $150,000 remaining.

The VA lottery also revealed that the odds of winning the top prize were 1 in 1,224,000.

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