Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

The National Lottery is proud to bring up the story of a lucky couple that has managed to win a big in their late 60’s. The couple is one of the luckiest during the pandemic to have scooped a huge prize and is determined to spread all the love and care they can.

According to the National Lottery, the couple is from Leicestershire and are happily married to each other for a long time. Theresa Picton-Clark or Terri is a 69-year-old who is a ballroom dancing champion. She sure danced the entire day with her 69-year-old husband John when they came to know about the prize win.

As for the husband, John is a facilitator for the Project Pony, which is an equine therapy project funded by the National Lottery.

The couple informed that they had purchased the Lotto ticket for the National Lottery in a very interesting way. They informed that they were in the process of buying equipment for their new kitchen so they were on their way for the appointment for the new kitchen.

On the way, John decided to make a short stop to buy gas and something to eat. John stated that he likes to play the Lucky Dips with hopes of someday winning a huge prize. Therefore, he went onto buying a ticket for the National Lotto ticket.

The draw for the particular ticket was to be held on January 9, 2021. Later on, the couple got busy with getting their kitchen set up and completely forgot about the ticket. He only came to remember the ticket when he visited the same shop he visits to purchase lottery tickets.

Once he found the ticket, he asked the shopkeeper to check if he had won something. The shopkeeper checked the ticket and asked him that he might want to contact Camelot as the prize money is too high for her to payout.

Terri stated that she was on a zoom meeting when John came back home and started waving the ticket at her. At first she thought he was doing it just to tease her but then she got excited thinking that they had won a huge prize.

The couple stated that they thought they had won £50,000 from the draw but they were surprised to find out that they had won a million pounds. Terri stated that although John was calm, she was jumping around the house with joy.

The couple stated that they are thankful to everyone in their family and friends who were always there for them during the pandemic. They stated that they are helping their friends and families who were always by their side through thick and thin.

They couple told the lottery officials that it is now their turn to help their loved ones and the ones they care so much about. The couple has plans to buy new dresses for themselves and go for a trip to Antarctica as soon as it is safe to travel.

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