Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Two Take-Five Top Prize Winning Tickets Sold in New York

The Florida Lottery recently announced the winner of the 1 Million Dollar Prize. It is Felton Jackson from Pensacola who bagged the win of $1 Million from the 200X The Cash Scratch-Off game. The player successfully provided his scratch-off ticket as proof of the win.

The player dropped the $1 Million prize-winning ticket at the dropbox that was located at the Headquarters of the Florida Lottery. The Florida Lottery Headquarters currently resides in Tallahassee.

The Florida lottery confirmed the option that the player chose to go with to claim his prize. The player went for the lump sum prize of $890,000 for the one-time prize claim.

The Florida lottery also provided the details of the store where the $1 Million prize-winning tickets were sold from. The lucky store that sold the prize-winning ticket to Felton Jackson was the Smart Fill. The Smart Fill is located at 7110 Pine Forest Road (Pensacola).

The Florida lottery informed that the owner of the store will also be receiving a bonus commission. The prize will be given to the store for motivation and as a bonus for selling the prize-winning ticket. The store will be receiving a bonus amount of $2,000 for selling the prize-winning ticket.

The 200X The Cash scratch-off lottery game was launched by the Florida Lottery in September 2020. Since its launch, the game has given out prizes that are worth more than $446 million in total.

Each ticket for the 200X The Cash lottery game costs $20. The 200X The Cash game features not 1 but 10 top prizes that are worth $5 million each.

For players who wish to go for the 200X The Cash game have 1 in 2.96 odds of winning the prizes. The funds raised from the 200X The Cash game goes towards the Education Sectors. The main Fund that receives the funds from this lottery is the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund (EETF).

In the fiscal year 2019-20, the funds raised by the scratch-off games launched by the Florida Lottery were $1.

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