Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

The Michigan lottery is here to talk about a lucky woman from Kent County who has won huge prize money playing the lottery. The MI lottery officials are overly excited about the win claimed by the Kent County woman.

The officials are excited that the player has ended up winning close to a million playing one of its top games. The game that the lucky woman from Kent County chose to play was the “Fantasy 5” jackpot.

Surprisingly, this was not the first time the woman had gone for the game but had been playing it for a really long time. The officials will not be sharing the details of the winner as she requested to keep her identity a secret.

According to the Michigan lottery officials, the lucky woman had been using the same numbers to try her luck. The player had been doing this for many years, but never turned out to be lucky enough to win the jackpot.

However, the winner turned lucky for the first time with her recurring numbers and helped her win $866,890. The player had finally won a jackpot prize money from playing the Fantasy 5 lottery game powered by the Michigan lottery.

The player won the jackpot prize for the Fantasy 5 game for the draw held on May 10, 2021. The numbers that the player was playing with were 38-36-17-07-03, which were drawn from the particular draw.

The lottery team has confirmed that the lucky Kent County woman had purchased her lucky ticket from her regular store at Speedway Gas Station. The particular fuel station is located at 3605 Burlingame Avenue Southwest, Wyoming.

The player informed the officials that it is the same store she has been visiting for many years to purchase lottery tickets. No matter the lottery draw game she chooses to play, she always goes for the numbers she considers are lucky for her.

Finally, the numbers she had been choosing for years to play with worked in her favor and she won the jackpot prize money for Fantasy 5.

The player also informed the officials that it is not just her who plays lottery games, her husband also plays the same lottery games as her. He also goes for the same numbers as his wife and both of them try their luck every now and then.

The couple stated that for the particular game, they had only purchased one ticket as they did not have enough cash at the time they visited the store. They had purchased the ticket on May 10 and the next day they checked the ticket, it turned out they had won $866,890.

The couple is planning to pay off their bills, mortgage loans, and then go for a luxurious trip with the money they have won from the lottery game.

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