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La Primitiva Lottery History

E Gordo de La Primitiva Tickets Online
E Gordo de La Primitiva Tickets Online

La Primitiva or Spanish lottery is a very famous Spanish weekly lottery. Its history goes back to 1762 when Loteria Real or Royal Lottery began in Spain.

The oldest lottery in the globe is La Primitiva. The initial Spanish lottery disappeared in 1862 and the Spaniards waited for more than one century for this lottery to be reintroduced and launched again in 1985.

In 2013, the jackpot for La Primitiva increased gradually, presenting one of the hugest lottery jackpots worldwide. Players from all over the world began to gain interest, as the prospects of winning are high, compared to present lotteries.

From that time, La Primitiva has ranked among the most famous Spanish lottery in the world and Spain as well.

Even through a lot of individuals think a jackpot winner should repay a huge percentage in tax, the La Primitiva lottery provides its players with a chance to win millions of euros, without the need to pay taxes to the state of Spain.

Playing La Primitiva Lottery

Players should select 6 figures in a grid with numbers ranging between 1-49. Six key figures plus one bonus figure are drawn from 49 balls. The ones with Reintegro number have higher prospects of winning.

Five levels of prizes exist. The winning quantity is different and this is determined by the numbers combination you guess correctly. If there is no jackpot winner, it will be included in the following draw. According to statistics, 1 out of 54 La Primitiva tickets is a winner.

Hugest Winners of La Primitiva Lottery

The hugest La Primitiva jackpot which went up to a €26.2 million prize took place in a drawing beginning from April 2007.  A prize of €26.2 was won by someone from Monteagudo, Murcia. A lucky Malaga resident was the recipient of €24,920,000 in October 2005. The La Primitiva jackpot went up to €66.6 million in August 2013; however, this record was beaten in 2014 with an amount of €73 million jackpot.

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