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Dion Davies is now celebrating after he found a winning EuroMillions ticket worth £55,086 from his car. He was cleaning it before having the car valeted and stumbled upon the ticket.

The ticket

The Ceredigion actor had purchased the ticket before Christmas. At that time, he had been part of Sleeping Beauty being played in Milford Haven at The Torch Theatre and was playing the role of the Dame.

The 47 year old actor had been playing the role of the Pantomime Dame every year at The Torch Theatre since 2010.

Some of his other appearances include in Sky’s Stella and Torchwood from BBC. He is currently doing rehearsals for a play called The Bet, which he co-created.

The winning ticket was for the EuroMillions drawing that was conducted on Tuesday, December 20th, 2022 and he managed to match all five numbers as well as one Lucky Star number.

The actor explained that he was still in shock after discovering the winning ticket and explained exactly how he had found it.

The National Lottery had declared the ticket unclaimed last month after no one had come forward to claim their prize.

The story

Davies revealed that his car had been in a terrible condition because he had taken it on a lot of trips. Therefore, he had to clean it thoroughly from the inside and the outside.

He had decided to take his vehicle to a professional valet, where he was told to remove all his belongings from the car before it was cleaned.

This was to ensure that nothing valuable would be thrown or lost and this turned out to be in his favor. He said that there was a multi-lottery ticket in the car’s sun visor.

The actor explained that he had purchased the ticket in Milford Haven from Tesco back in December when he had been performing in the panto.

After discovering the ticket, Davies had gone to the Spar located in Tregaron and the clerk at the shop told him that it was a winner. He also told the actor to call the number at the back of the ticket.

The claim

Dion had gone home to share the news with his wife Ifana and the pair called the National Lottery together for making the claim.

Dion said that his wife had a friend over at the time and she stuck around when they made the call. After confirming the ticket was a winner, they had all gone to get some lunch, along with the neighbor.

Dion found the winning ticket six weeks after the EuroMillions draw on February 6th, Thursday. This was about a fortnight after the National Lottery had declared the ticket unclaimed and encouraged people to check their tickets.

According to the actor, he would never have claimed the prize if he had cleaned the car himself because he wouldn’t have taken out the ticket.

As for plans, Dion and Ifana plan on going to Italy with their 15-year old son and he also plans on taking his son to San Diego for Comic-Con.

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