Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

The Cash 5 With Quick Cash officials are here today to make announcements on three prizes. The prizes have been won by three different players but all three players must show up to claim them and become the rightful winners.

Out of the three winners, the officials are more concerned about the third because the player’s prize money is closing expiration. Despite the prize claim deadline coming to an end, the player hasn’t shown up to claim his prize.

While the search is on for the lucky winners, the officials are more concerned about the third winner, because the winner doesn’t have much time to claim the prize money.

The officials are, therefore, asking for the help and support of the lottery community within the particular areas to check if they have the winners among them. The officials have also urged the store staff members to check with their regular customers whether they are in possession of the ticket or not.

This is because most of the time, the people who do not show up to claim their prizes is because they are unaware of the wins. Such players hardly remember they had ever purchased a ticket for the game. Therefore, the idea of them winning prize money never once crosses their mind, and the money expires, only to be sent over to charitable causes.

Although the unclaimed prizes still end up helping many people, yet, the first right is for the people who spend money on the tickets and place their bets.

The officials have revealed that the first ticket for the Cash 5 With Quick Cash game was sold in Philadelphia while the other one was sold in Allegheny County.

Both tickets participated in the same jackpot draw for the Cash 5 With Quick Cash game, held back on Tuesday, October 19, 2021. The jackpot prize-winning numbers from the draw were 42-41-40-36-12 and both tickets matched them all.

The jackpot prize money for the particular draw was set to $900,000, so each ticket will be taking home $450,000 inclusive of taxes.

The first ticket was sold from the S&V Shah Newsstand, which is located at 1839 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. The second ticket was sold from the Clairton Mini Mart, which is located at 672 Miller Avenue, Clairton, Allegheny County. Each store has won a $500 bonus commission for selling the ticket.

The third ticket that the lottery officials are much concerned about is the one that was sold in Montgomery County. The particular ticket was for the draw that was held last year on November 28. From the draw, the player had won prize money worth $200,000.

The ticket was sold from the Wawa Store that is located at 451 West Ridge Pike, Limerick. According to the officials, the third player must claim the prize money by November 24, 2021, or the prize money will expire. The winners of the Cash 5 With Quick Cash game have a year’s time from the draw date to claim their prize money.

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