Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

There are 44 states that are currently operating in the entire United States of America. These states are offering their citizens a huge range of lottery games and keep introducing more with every passing year.

These lotteries have gained a huge amount of success and recognition among 44 states. There are millions of players from the United States that are currently playing different lottery games to try their luck. Although there have been many talks around the authenticity and legitimacy of lottery games over the years, still the lottery games are getting more players every year.

This year however has turned out to be very fortunate for lotteries from all 44 states of the United States. The lotteries have reported that their sales have seen a significant rise and growth as well as the player-base.

But the question of the legitimacy and authenticity of the lottery games is still being asked and now it seems that it has become even more repeated.

There are large groups of people from all around the United States who believe that lottery games are nothing more than a scam. These are the maneuvers run by states and corporations to lure people and take away their money.

These people also believe that the winners for all the draws are planted and are employees of the lottery games.

The lottery games from the United States unanimously deny such allegations and claim that the winners of the lottery games are actual and legit individuals.

However, the majority of lottery games from the United States share one concern that also adds up a negative star to the reputation of the already notorious industry. The concern is that every year, there are thousands of prizes waiting to be claimed by their winners.

At times, the players who even win the jackpots do not turn up to bag their wins. This is something that hampers the reputation of the lottery industry as a legit and authentic entity.

Therefore, the lotteries from the entire United States follow a practice to ensure that all of their lottery game winners turn up to claim their prizes.

In order to do this, the lottery games reveal the name and location of the store in order to encourage players and the stores to check with the regular players if they have won a prize or not.

This time it is the Delaware Lottery that has revealed the store details for three different tickets whose prizes are still unclaimed.

The first ticket belongs to the ‘Lucky for Life’ game with prize money of $390,000 that was sold from Wawa #844 (Newark). The draw for the ticket was held on July 2, 2020.

The second ticket belongs to the ‘Lucky for Life’ game worth $5,000 and it was sold from Shore Stop #227 (Townsend). The draw for the ticket was held on June 8, 2020.

The third (last) ticket belongs to the ‘Mega Millions’ game worth $10,000 and it was sold from Super G #2351 (Millsboro).

For MI Lottery prize winners, the time period for claiming the prize is 1 year from the draw date.

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