Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Dreaming about winning big is easy, but the person who wins the grand prize in the fall version of the Dream Lottery will probably have a hard time selecting their prize. In order to support hospitals in London, the semi-annual sweepstakes launched five grand prize options on Thursday, which are equal to $1 million. This is an increase from the usual three choices that are provided. 

The lucky winner will get the opportunity to choose from one of two luxury homes, which are fully furnished. The first one is in Kilworth’s Edgewater States and is about 2,335 square feet. The bungalow has a value of $1.25 million. The second luxury home can be found in the near Lambeth in the Silverleaf community. It is spread out over 5,285 square feet and is valued at $1.425 million. If the winner of the Dream Lottery is not interested in getting a new home, they can choose their prize from one of the two packages that have been added.

The first one is known as the Lifetime of Adventure Package, which includes gift certificates from Courtesy Ford, Hiemstra Trailer Sales Ltd, Xtreme Marine, and Precision Powersports, along with $750,000 in cash. The second package is referred to as the Backyard Makeover Package that also comes with $750,000 in cash, along with gift certificates from TLC Landscaping Design plus Pools. If the winner doesn’t like any of these four prizes, winners are always given the option of taking home $1 million in cash. 

Similar to the previous spring-edition of the lottery, people will not be given an in-person tour of the dream luxury homes being given out. This is for the protection of the lottery participants from the threat of COVID-19. CEO and President of the London Health Sciences Foundation, John MacFarlane said that they once again had to keep the home tours virtual due to safety reasons. He said that the best way that lottery participants could check out the homes was by visiting the website where they will be given a virtual tour and also get to see pictures. 

All money that’s raised through this lottery will be given to the London Health Sciences Centre, St. Joseph’s Health Care London, and Children’s Hospital. MacFarlane said that they had been able to buy all kinds of specialized equipment over the years, whether they were MRI machines or ultrasound ones. He also said that a lot of money is also spent on research. He added that many people were not aware that they were one of the top academic institutions in the country and so, they do a lot of cutting-edge research. 

He noted that without the money raised via this lottery, they wouldn’t be able to have the same health facilities in London, as they do today. Since the lottery was launched in 1996, it has managed to raise a total of $42 million for the hospitals. The tickets for the lottery are available online or via phone and those who buy a ticket will also become eligible for the 50/50 draw that has a guaranteed payout of $250,000. 

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