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How to Use Group Play to Win the Lottery

Group Play Evolved: The Future of the Lottery


Earlier this year, the US Powerball grabbed worldwide attention when the jackpot ballooned to a record breaking $1.5 Billion jackpot. The lottery industry continues to be one of the best performing industries in the world, from the US to Spain to even China, the allure of the lottery is as strong as ever.

This allure is not hard to grasp. It’s the chance to dramatically change your life. We all know the odds are against us, but hey, someone has to win. Why not us?


For many people, playing the lottery is more about entertainment than any real expectation of victory. Imagining what life would be like if your numbers come up is a benefit that non-players don’t often understand.  

Everyone has a different strategy for playing the lottery, from astronomical signs, to lucky numbers and even embracing the randomness of the draw itself by letting pure chance pick the numbers. But there is only one method guaranteed to improve your odds.

Increasing Your Odds with Group Play

When it comes to improving your odds of a win, mathematics comes down quite firmly on this. The answer? Buy more tickets. Well, that’s great if you can afford it, but what if you can’t?

This is where Group Play has become so popular. Also known as a lottery pool and a lottery syndicate, this strategy allows groups of friends, family or colleagues to pool their money together in order to buy more tickets for the same cost as playing alone.

Group Play means more chances to win, but of course if there is a win you then have to share the winnings with everyone else in the group.


There have been some impressive group wins in recent years, including a $241 million Powerball jackpot shared between 20 colleagues from Quaker Oats, and a seven person New York office pool sharing a massive $319 million Mega Millions jackpot.

The Downside to Playing the Lottery with Friends

Before you go rounding up your neighbors to play the lottery together, there is one significant downside to group play: human nature.

Once a big winning is made, people can get really greedy. Imagine someone plays with the group every week but one week they decide to skip it and that happens to be the jackpot draw. Is it any surprise that they might try their luck by contesting their piece of the prize?


The shared success can quickly turn into something ugly, so here are some tips to ensure that your Group Play doesn’t descend into a feud.

Step One – Appoint one leader. It is their job to manage everything and communicate with all the players. If everyone thinks they are the leader, communication will suffer and mistakes will be made.

Step Two – Create a contract. Agree to the rules of the pool, put it in writing and get everyone to sign off on them. This could save you untold headaches down the line.

Step Three – Make a public list. Create a list of all the players in the pool and make it public so that everyone can clearly see who is in the group.

Step Four – Keep the original ticket(s) in a safe place but make copies of the tickets to give to all the players.

The New Way to Group Play

Recent years have seen an emergence of a new way to play the lottery online, which keeps the statistical benefits of Group Play while eliminating the risks. There are several online lottery platforms, such as JinniLotto that now enable you to play any of the largest lotteries in the world, from the comfort of your own home.

With these online lotteries you pick your numbers and your lottery of choice and the platform will send someone in the host country to purchase a ticket in your name. The ticket gets securely housed and you receive a scan of the ticket. If you win, the earnings are 100% yours – no commission.


JinniLotto and a lot of the other platforms also provide Group Play options, and the benefit is clear: you don’t know who you are playing with. In this case each ticket is broken into a number of shares. If the ticket wins, then the winnings are automatically divided up and paid out by the platform based on those shares.

This removes the fallible human element from the equation and ensures that your best friend won’t suddenly be trying to sue you. It also guarantees that the ticket is always safe and secured. Nobody can try to pull a fast one and you never have to worry about losing your ticket.


The chances of winning big on the lottery are incredibly slim – but it’s fun and the chance of changing your life seems worth it. So if you do regularly play the lottery, use Group Play to increase your odds. Doing so with people you know can be fine, as long as you are careful, but know that there are online lottery options that will open up a world of possibilities.

May the luck be with you.

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