Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Every Saturday night can be just about one thing, the Lotto has returned. Do you have any ideas to stock up on the roe or are you considering going on that always-dreamt-of holiday?

National Lottery Lotto numbers for this Saturday, October 24 are going to be publicized.

The winning numbers for Saturday’s Lotto draw are 13… 18… 19… 47… 53 and 57. Also, the Bonus Ball is 44.

Thunder ball numbers are 10… 15… 24… 34… and 36. The Thunder Ball number is 11.

If you don’t know about this already, you can note now that the highest ever Lotto win was made during April 2016. It happened when an unidentified player took home £35 million. During January 2016, 2 ticket-holders banked £33 million each.

Earlier, a big Lotto game jackpot of about £42,000000, was drawn during January 1996. It was split between 3 unidentified winners, with each being awarded £14,003,000.

Another important historic event was when a single ticket won £26.4m on a New Year’s Eve in 2016. It was November 19, 1994, when the UK National Lottery was first drawn.

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