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Most people in Indonesia are Muslim and Indonesia is a fairly religious country and because of this Indonesian gambling laws do not allow any form of local lottery games to be played by its citizens. In the past there was an Indonesian government run official legal lottery game that operated under the state and was played by millions of Indonesians each and every week, but because of the religious issues it raised many questions and problems and the ultra religious people in the government and in the state pushed new legislation that eventually banned it.

Local Lottery Banned

The people who pushed the ban said that poor people were spending too much money on lottery tickets but this was not checked with actual statistics and numbers and was mainly used as an exuse to ban the lotto game. In Indonesia most people live a good life and even the poor have ways to make money and make a living if they want. The lottery is NOT their only hope of improving their quality of life and they can just buy tickets for fun once in a while, but the ultra religious people nonetheless were able to ban the local lotto game.

Some people who wanted to ban the lottery game were also using the excuse of saying that it should be banned because all of the money and revenues from the lotto were not going to public help but in fact they were going to the president of Indonesia at the time, but this too was probably only rumors and excuses to have the lotto banned and not facts that were checked out. In Indonesia there are gangs and mafioso groups that offer illegal gambling parties where the house always wins because the games are not fairly played, but locals in Indonesia usually do not fall for these kinds of tricks and mostly the victims of these gangs are tourists.

How To play Lottery In Indonesia

Because of the current situation in Indonesia, most people in Indonesia who want to buy lottery tickets a few times a week or a few times per month will go online and play a USA or Europe lottery game, with big jackpots. This can be done legally and securely and is much fun for Indonesians who can not play any lotto games because of the current ban in Indonesia. You can buy lottery tickets online from home in Indonesia easily – and play the biggest international lotteries in the world including USA Powerball, USA Mega Millions, Europe Euromillions and the Spanish Christmas lottery El Gordo de Navidad today!

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