Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

LottoAgent is one of the most popular online lottery services out there today. On their website “” they offer players the availability of tickets from many countries and lotteries, tickets that were never before available to the international community through the internet. But some people are not sure about LottoAgent and think is might be a scam. So we are here today to answer the question, Is LottoAgent a scam?

Well, we have bought tickets from LottoAgent in order to make sure that they were the real deal, one of our tickets won a small prize of $7 and we got the prize money after only 4 hours from the moment of making a withdrawal request. They did not take any commissions from our winnings! The scanned ticket that we received was %100 genuine and we were %100 satisfied with our dealings with LottoAgent.

Furthermore we looked all over the internet and tried to find out if anyone had ever had any complaints about a bad experience with LottoAgent and could not find even 1 complaint or negative review about them anywhere on the internet.

Our Verdict?

LottoAgent is %100 Trustworthy!


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