Fri. Jul 12th, 2024
LottoSend - Scam or Legit?
LottoSend – Scam or Legit?

Is LottoSend Legal?

Many people who sign up to open an online lottery account at the LottoSend website, or people that have signed up and received an email from LottoSend a few weeks later, may ask themselves if LottoSend is legit.

We have looked into the matter for you and can tell you without a doubt that LottoSend is not only %100 legit and safe, it is even a better options then many other ways of buying lotto tickets because you get to buy tickets for any of the following lotteries, online, on one website! The lotteries include USA Powerball, SuperLotto Plus, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, Mega Millions, El Gordo, Australia Powerball, Australia Saturday Lotto, Oz-Lotto, Australia Wednesday Lotto, Australia Monday Lotto, SuperEnalotto and more!

Just think about it, for just a few dollars you can buy tickets for the 10 biggest lottery jackpots in the world today, without even leaving home! If it sounds too good to be true and you are still worried that it might be a scam, then just remember back in 2015 when the USA Powerball reached over $1.5 billion!

Do you know how many people bought tickets for that draw online at the LottoSend website? Over 10,000 people! Well none of them eventually won a jackpot but many of them won smaller prizes and guess what, all of them were paid every cent of their winnings!

If they had not been payed thier winnings wouldn’t you be seeing thousands upon thousands of complaints about LottoSend online? I can’t even find 1 complaint about LottoSend!

Well I am sure that you can rest assured now that buying your tickets through the LottoSend website is %100 safe!

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