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A Lottery Ticket Bought From Luray Wins a Chef a Whopping Prize of 0,000

It seems that this Christmas is going to be extremely lucky for many residents from New York. There are a lot of people getting lucky and winning huge lottery prizes. It seems that after all the hardships and crucial times faced in the current year, things have started taking a turn for the best.

Just a few days ago, the New York lottery held the draw for the Take-Five lottery on the 20th of November. The draw could be one of the usual ones but what happened in this draw was that was not just one but many jackpot prize winners.

The New York lottery announced that there were several winners for the Take-Five lottery draw that was held on the 20th of November, 2020. Another very surprising thing about the prize-winning tickets was that these tickets were sold in different boroughs in New York.

Thus, the New York lottery has revealed the boroughs where the tickets were sold as well as the stores from where the tickets were purchased from.

The New York lottery announced that the 5 tickets for the Take-Five top prizes were sold in Bronx, Commack, Syracuse, and Queens respectively.

The first top prize ticket sold in the Bronx was purchased from a Bartow Food Mart. The store is located at 1945 Bartow Avenue (Bronx).

The second top prize ticket sold in Commack was purchased from Speedway. The Speedway store is located at 2104 Jericho Turnpike (Commack).

The third top prize ticket sold in Syracuse was purchased from Wegmans. The Wegmans store is located at 4722 Onondaga Boulevard (Syracuse).

The fourth top prize ticket sold in Queens was purchased from Hirani. The Hirani store is located at 45-17 Broadway (Astoria).

The fifth top prize ticket was sold in Syracuse was purchased from the Green Hills Farm Store. The Green Hills Farm Store is located at 5933 S Salina Street (Syracuse).

The New York lottery also revealed the prize money that each ticket ended up winning from the 20th of November Take-Five lottery draw.

The NY lottery revealed that each of the five top prize-winning tickets won $12,947.

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