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Play Loteria de Navidad Online, Spanish Christmas Lottery

The Spanish Christmas Lottery, which is also known as Loteria De Navidad is one of the most popular national lotteries in Europe. It’s also one of the oldest ones as well, as the first edition took place in 1812 and since then the lottery is organized on an yearly basis by the Spanish Public Administration.

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This particular lottery used the name of Sorteo de Navidad in 1892 and that’s how it’s called most of the time, even though the name of Loteria De Navidad is quite common as well.

Loteria De Navidad Characteristics

When you talk about the total prize payout, Loteria De Navidad is known as being one of the biggest ones worldwide. The lottery amasses more than 2-3 billion of euros via sales, and the prizes are usually around 70% of the ticket sales, so there’s plenty of great opportunities to be had for players all over the world.

One of the main categories, and maybe the most popular from the entire Loteria De Navidad is called El Gordo and it’s usually offering total prizes that sometimes add up to around 1 billion euros.

The Loteria De Navidad is based on tickets that include 5 digit numbers, pretty much similar to the normal drawings offered by the Spanish lottery. However, since the lottery is very popular each ticket is printed multiple times in various series. This is where a unique number made out of 5 digits is basically printed on the ticket and the other series. A ticket costs 200 euros, but since it’s quite expensive you can usually find this type of tickets sold as tenths, and the payout will basically be 1% of the published prize.

You have the opportunity to receive or buy smaller portions of the tickets if you want. The tickets are very popular that just about every Spaniard has even a smaller piece.

Aside from El Gordo, which is the first prize, you can also win multiple secondary prizes as well. While Gordo is by far one of the most widely sought after due to its value, there are numerous others prizes to focus on as well.

The Loteria De Navidad takes place around the 18th-20th of December each year. An important thing to note here is that the draw on its own takes place in Madrid and pupils of the neighboring schools are the ones drawing the numbers and singing the results to the public. The entire process is transparent as large spherical vessels are used in order to showcase the results.

As you can see, Loteria De Navidad is indeed one of the most interesting lotteries out there and it does manage to bring in front some really nice payouts, so if you want a good place to bet for the holidays, then you should play Loteria De Navidad online, you might end up with a lot of luck, just make sure that you use the right strategies!