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Loteria del Nino, the exciting Spanish lottery follow-up to the world-famous Loteria de Navidad Christmas Lottery, took place on 6 January 2017 and welcomed the new year by distributing €630 Million in prizes.

The popular annual raffle, with its incredible prize pool and winning odds, attracted attention all over Spain and throughout the world!

Loteria del Nino 2017 Results Are In!
Loteria del Nino 2017 Results Are In!

Loteria del Nino 2017 Results

Are you one of the lucky winners? Will you start the New Year with an amazing lottery win? Check the numbers to see if you are a Loteria del Nino winner:

Prize CategoryPrize per TicketPrize per ShareWinning Code
1st place – Gordo




2nd place




3rd place




Click to see full Loteria del Nino results.

What’s next on the Spain’s lottery calendar?

Following the excitement of Loteria de Navidad 2016 and Loteria del Nino 2017, attention will now turn to the monthly Loteria Nacional Extra draws. Two huge draws will take place in January 2017! Hurry and purchase your ticket shares for the upcoming Loteria Nacional draw!

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