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Canadian Lotto 6/49 Payouts

lotto-649Once you know how to play Canadian Lotto 6/49, you can learn about the payouts. One of the great things about Lotto 6/49, which is one of the reasons why it proved to be such a game-changer to the world of Canadian Lottery in 1982, is that there are a number of ways to win. You are not merely confined to the jackpot prize. There are several different payout possibilities. All of them are in play during the draw on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

While there is no question that winning the main payout is definitely the most appealing way to go, you don’t have to limit your aspirations to those fantastic odds. Keep in mind the various ways in which you can walk away from the Canadian Lotto 6/49 with cold, hard cash, and your enjoyment of the game will be tenfold.

How To Win At Canadian Lotto 6/49

Remember that your three-dollar play entitles you to everything the main game offers. You will also want to note that payouts can indeed be split amongst winners. If you draw winning numbers, and someone else draws the same winning numbers, you will have to split up the prize money with them. Any number of people can win with those numbers. However, given the huge odds behind winning the larger prizes, particularly in terms of winning the main jackpot, you really shouldn’t worry about having to split the prize money with too many people.

You may also find it interesting to learn that forty-seven percent of Canadian Lotto 6/49 sales are given over to the main prize fund. Obviously, the more tickets people buy, the larger the jackpot prize pool is going to become.

Lotto 6/49 Payout Information

Payouts are fairly straightforward, but you are still going to want to familiarize yourself with what you stand to win beforehand. The all-time champion payout for Lotto 6/49 was an astonishing 63.4-million dollars. The jackpot was split amongst a group of four winning tickets in B.C. and Alberta.

Generally, you are not going to be playing for such a sizable jackpot. Even so, you can still win big across a wide variety of payout possibilities:

  • 6/6: This is the jackpot. Choose all six numbers correctly, and you’ll score 79.5% of the total money in play for that drawing.
  • 5/6+: This payout goes to someone who chooses five numbers correctly, and then picks the right bonus number. You will get 6% of the lotto total for doing so.
  • 5/6: Picking five out of six numbers correctly entitles you to 5% of the lotto total.
  • 4/6: Four out of six entitles you to 9.5% of the pool fund.
  • 3/6: If you pick half of the numbers correctly, you win ten dollars.
  • 2/6+: If you come up with two correct numbers, and then choose the right bonus number, you win five dollars.
  • 2/6: Choosing two numbers correctly gets you a free play for next time.
  • There is also the Guaranteed Prize Draw, which consists of having ten numbers match up to a random drawing. This wins you a cool million.

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