Thu. May 30th, 2024

Canada Lotto Max Tickets Online

lotto-maxDo you wish to win big like George Jack of Hamilton who bagged $642,931 or want to win even bigger like Gregory Nikolopoulos of Wasaga Beach who bagged in $50,000,000? Then you need to pick your set of numbers for five bucks to gear up for the next Canadian “Lotto Max” Lottery. If you wish to increase your chances of a win and don’t mind compromising a little on the winnings by sharing it with others then you can form a group and play as a group. Groups from across the country have won on numerous occasions.

How To Play Canadian “Lotto Max” Lottery

Canadian “Lotto Max” Lottery is a simple game. You can play it for fun or seriously to make some windfall gains. It isn’t very different from other Lotto games that are organized in several countries across the world. But there are a few slim variations. For instance, the cost per play is five bucks which is much less than some countries and more than a few. You get three set of seven numbers each which is a little different from other Lotto games. Most such lotteries have only one set of seven numbers.

In Canadian “Lotto Max” Lottery, you can choose your own numbers by selecting one number from a set of 1 to 49. You may also opt for a randomly generated set of seven numbers. At any point in time, you are signing up for at least ten million and best case fifty million. Should the pool fund exceed fifty million, the organizers put every additional million for a separate win, known as the MAXMILLIONS prize!

Winning The Canadian “Lotto Max” Lottery

If you match seven out of seven numbers then you get 87% of the Pools Fund.

Six out of seven numbers and a bonus or just six out of seven numbers from a set will get you 4% of the Pools Fund.

As you match five or less numbers, your winnings reduce till you get no prize.

Chances Of Winning

There are many who would buy several sets of numbers to increase their chances of winning. That is one way of going about it but considering the fact that winning the jackpot has odds of one against twenty eight million that may not be of much help.

Forming a group or playing as a group gets you many more numbers than you can have alone and you can increase your chances of winning but then you will have to share the winnings with everyone in the group, regardless of what numbers they have.