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Some three and a half years back, an unknown person in Germany had scooped an €11 Million jackpot prize. It was reportedly the highest ever lotto winning by any German from that day onward till to-date.

However, the prize remained to be claimed for over 3 years and no one contacted the lotto’s office. But on the day when 2020 ended, the time period for claiming the jackpot money also ended.

Whoever was the winner, will now not be remembered as one of those who scooped the biggest lotto win in Germany’s history. Instead, he/she would be recalled as one of those unluckiest at whose door fortune knocked but he/she failed to answer the door. The unclaimed money will now be put back into the draw for allowing someone else to have a chance to win it again.

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Georg Wacker, Director of Toto-Lotto informed the press that they conducted a thorough search in all over Germany. However, their search could not find the mysterious winner of €11 Million (equivalent to US$ 13.8 Million). The Director also informed that every person in Germany, except for the winner, was aware that someone had won €11 Million. There is no possibility that the winner could have remained unaware of such a massively known fact, he said.

Wacker also told that they had announced on TV, Radio, Print Media, and social media but couldn’t find the person they were looking for. He said that they waited for three long years for someone to come up and claim the amount but nothing happened. Several public appeals and re-appeals were made but to no avail, he stated.

As per the rules of Toto-Loto, every winner is entitled to claim his or her winning before the expiry of 3 and half years. After the expiry of this period, the winner loses his/her entitlement on the prize money, whether the winning was big or small. Similarly, in the case of the winner of €11 Million, the time limit expired with the end of 2020.

In case the winner comes up to the office of lotto, then it would be a futile exercise without any purpose. This is so because he failed to meet the deadline and therefore lost what the winner had earned from the lotto.€11 Million was not a small amount and losing it would mean losing the opportunity of living a luxurious life without troubles.

The whereabouts of the winner were also narrowed down when it was revealed that the winner might be a resident of Reutlingen. It was further revealed that the ticket-holder had bought the ticket from an authorized lotto retail shop in Reutlingen as well. Even then no one showed up surprisingly.

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But only, and one thing important than anything, if the winner had somehow filled out the registration on the ticket’s jacket. If the winner had done so, it wouldn’t have taken more than a day for the lotto to find the winner.

Unclaimed money will now be put back into the game and additional promising rewards will be inducted in the future draws.

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