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A lucky Brit began the weekend after claiming the jackpot in the drawing conducted on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023, which makes them richer by a whopping £5 million.
The winning numbers that were drawn in Wednesday night’s lottery drawing were 11, 13, 15, 23, 34 and 39, while 09 was the bonus ball.
The win
A single ticketholder was able to match the numbers to land the jackpot worth £5,315,349 and they have come forward to claim the prize.
The claim is now going through checks and validation after which the life-changing amount will be deposited in the winner’s bank account.
The National Lottery has not currently disclosed the identity of the winner and it might remain so if they decide to stay anonymous.
It should be noted that this is the fifth new millionaire that the National Lottery has created so far in 2023.
The National Lottery
The senior winners’ advisor at the National Lottery, Andy Carter said that they were pleased to announce that the jackpot had been claimed.
He added that February had proven to be a great month for the lucky ticket-holder. He also said that they were now taking steps to assist the lucky winner in the claims process to help them enjoy their life-changing win.
The advisor also revealed that this winner was the fifth one to become a multi-millionaire in 2023 so far, after a £12 million jackpot had been split amongst two winners in the lottery drawing on January 28th.
There had been another player who had had an excellent start to the new year when they landed a prize of £4 million in the drawing conducted on January 7th.
There had also been another winner in February before this won in the drawing conducted on February 11th, which saw a single ticketholder win a prize of £7.6 million.
This means that the total amount of prizes that lotto players have already won in 2023 so far amounts to £28 million.
Other wins
A retired school worker had also had a lucky February, as they found out that they had landed a prize of £10,000 per month for a year after they popped into the supermarket.
63-year old Angela Hathorn is now creating a bucket list of the things she wants to do with her 68-year old husband Steve.
These include taking a luxury trip to London, going on a cruise and visiting heritage and historical sites in the United Kingdom.
The couple are still shocked that they were able to match the five main numbers in the Set for Life lottery drawing that was conducted on Monday, January 23rd.
Angela revealed that she had initially believed there was something wrong with her ticket because the clerk checking it had a puzzled look on her face and had called out to her colleague to take a look.
The winner said that she never checks the tickets online and always get them checked at the shop.

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