Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

The Michigan Lottery team is here to announce a remarkable win of a lucky player who is from Grand Rapids. The lottery officials have revealed that the name of the lucky winner is Kenneth Bledsoe who is a 55-year-old man from Grand Rapids.

According to the officials, Bledsoe went for the “Fantasy 5” jackpot game powered by the Michigan Lottery. The “Fantasy”. As a result of playing the game, the player ended up winning prize money of $100,000. The player stated that it was a magical moment for him when he came to know that he had won $100,000 playing the Fantasy 5 game.

The officials have revealed that playing the Fantasy 5 game, Bledsoe had participated in the drawn game held back on July 22, 2021. The lottery draw numbers that were drawn by the lottery officials were 34-33-27-07-05.

Bledsoe had reportedly purchased his lucky ticket from the Meijer Store. The particular store is located at 700 West Norton Avenue, Muskegon.

The player revealed to the lottery officials that he likes playing the Fantasy 5 lottery draw game on a regular basis. He stated that most of the time when playing the games, he decided to go with a specific set of numbers.

However, the game had never produced any results for him so he wanted to go with a different approach. The player informed the officials that for the particular game, he let the computer automatically choose the numbers.

The player informed the officials that the numbers that the computer chose, ended up matching four out of the five numbers. As a result of matching the four numbers on the ticket, the player ended up winning prize money of $100,000.

The player told the officials that he had not expected that he would win such a large amount. He had never won a lottery prize in his life so this is for the first time he has been able to do it. Bledsoe stated that he did not how it felt to win a lottery prize or what reaction he would need to give for the win.

The player informed the officials that he did not check the ticket during the draw and decided to do it first thing in the morning. Bledsoe told the officials that he visited the store the next day, scanned the ticket, and realized he had won $100,000.

According to Bledsoe, he called his fiancée right away and told her about the winning. The player stated that they were planning to get married in the running year but were short on finances. Now, they have a lot of money to get through the wedding receptions.

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