Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

The Lott is back with a huge announcement involving a lucky mother from Moonah. The player has won prize money playing the Instant Scratch-Its game powered by “The Lott”. The prize money the player has won is worth $24,000.

The player informed the lottery officials that the moment she saw her prize money, the only thing she had in mind was her daughter. The player informed the lottery officials that her daughter wanted to go to Spain to celebrate her graduation.

However, they did not have the money to make that happen for her. The Moonah mother stated that she had been playing the lottery game for a long time but she had not hoped she would win the game now. The player stated that ever since her daughter graduated from college, she only had one thing in mind that was to send her daughter to Spain.

Unfortunately, the pandemic and the recent lockdowns had impacted their financial condition and they were forced to kill any plans involving spending a significant amount of money.

She felt extremely sorry for her daughter who did not say a thing to them. Although her daughter was sad, she did not express her sadness, because she knew what the family condition was.

The player informed the officials that prior to her daughter’s graduation, she played lottery games with aim of increasing her bank balance. However, since her daughter’s graduation, the only purpose she had for playing lottery games was to surprise her daughter.

Finally, she was able to do exactly what she had hoped to do for her daughter. The player ended up winning prize money worth $24,000 playing the Instant Scratch-Its game.

The player stated that she was in tears the moment she scratched off the card. She was filled with joy and emotions at the same time when she figured out the prize money was worth $24,000. She knew she could do so much more for her daughter apart from a visit to Spain.

The player told the officials that she is going to spend all of the money on her daughter. She stated that once she is back from Spain, she will have another surprise waiting for her, which would be a car for her. The player stated that although it wouldn’t be a new one it will be a good one for her.

She is hopeful that her daughter will be able to upgrade the car soon with her earnings and salary. The player had purchased the lucky ticket from Moonah Newsagency. The store is located on Shop 12, 109 Main Road, Moonah.

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