Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

The top lottery game from Australia, The Lott is here with a huge announcement, sharing the funny story of the winner. According to The Lott, the winner is from Altona Meadows who now has several hundred thousand dollars in her bank account.

The player is from Victoria and she has a lot of money in her bank account to make plans and decide how she is going to spend them. According to the lottery team, the lucky Altona Meadows woman had participated in the TattsLotto game.

The draw for the particular TattsLotto game was held on Saturday, May 29, 2021. TattsLotto is one of the most prominent, widely played, and oldest lottery draw games powered by The Lott. The particular draw held on Saturday, May 29 was numbered the 4159 draws.

According to the officials, they had to make several attempts to call the winner to inform her about the win. They had to call her several times before she came to believe it was a call from the lottery operators.

The lucky woman from Altona Meadows reportedly won one out of seven division prizes playing the TattsLotto draw. As a result, the Altona Meadows woman ended up winning prize money of $852,000.

Initially, the player did not believe that she had won a huge prize and kept hanging up on The Lott representatives. However, they had to keep calling her until she realized it was not a fraud or a scam call. When she finally realized the win, she could not believe her ears and asked The Lott representatives to swear that they were not lying.

When the Altona Meadows woman finally came to realize she had won the prize, she started jumping here and there with excitement. While on the call, she yelled out to her neighbors telling them she had won almost a million playing TattsLotto.

The woman informed the officials she had never imagined she could win such huge prize money. Now that she has the money, she needs to start thinking straight and plan what she needs to do with it.

The Altona Meadows woman stated that she so wants to take her family out for dinner to celebrate her win, but it is not possible because of the lockdowns.

The player stated that for now, they have to celebrate by ordering food and getting it delivered to their house.

The player confirmed that when the representatives called her for the first time, she thought they were scammers. Then they kept calling and she kept hanging up, but then she decided to listen to them and she could not believe her ears.

When we called the Melbourne woman to break the exciting news, she was just hopping out of bed and had no idea she’d scored division one.

The lucky woman has stated she will be paying off her bills and moving her entire family to a new house with a new car.

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