Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

The winner, shared in last week’s €12.3 million jackpot, only bought a ticket cause he saw others queuing up to play

A trip to Donegal to make the most of last weekend’s scorching weather landed one lucky man a massive €6.1 million Lotto win. The delighted punter – who collected his prize in from the National Lottery Headquarters yesterday – only bought his winning Quick Pick ticket at Mickey Joes Country Store in Carrigart, Co Donegal, after he overheard people in the shop talking about the big Jackpot.


His Quick Pick won him a share in a €12.3 million jackpot. Earlier this week, a family syndicate of six from Westmeath claimed the other half of the Jackpot.

The winner, who does not want to go public, said: “The weather was absolutely beautiful last weekend so I made the trip to Carrigart in Donegal to make the most of the good weather at the nearby beaches.”

He added: “I was in the local shop and there was a big queue of people buying their Lotto tickets. “There was a lot of chat about how high the Lotto jackpot was so I decided to buy myself a Quick-Pick.” “I still can’t believe that my numbers came up.

“It is a lot of money for any person to win so I will have to take some time out before I make any plans for my future,” he said.


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