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Brazil’s Mega-Sena Lottery is very straightforward. The Caixa Economica Federal Bank manages it and this lottery is well run. It has existed from 1996 and Caixa has managed lotteries from 1961. Therefore, they have a lot of experience.

This lottery pays a huge percentage of ticket sales to the government for national growth, for education and numerous social programs. The Mega Sena lottery provides an exceptional game model, integrating two concurrent drawings in two varied groups.

It only offers a guarantee for three levels of winnings that facilitates much higher prizes for the winners. The hugest jackpot occurred in 1999 for 64.9 million.

Mega Sena Lottery of Brazil

What does Mega Sena entail?

At Mega-Sena lottery, players select six digits for every lottery line. The lucky ball does not have a bonus. Players play at least three lines, although they advertise a number of combinations of digits (7-15) which is more expensive.

Winners who correctly select 6 digits, 5 digits and 4 digits get payouts from Mega Sena for the jackpot. The draw occurs two times per week (Wednesday and Saturday).

Mega Sena is a bit different

Mega Sena lottery does not just utilize a single machine for drawing digits from 1-60. Rather, two digits are drawn independently for every winning digit.

One drum consists of 0-5 and the other consists of 0-9.00 counts as 60. In Brazil, the cost is 6 Real (US$3.00) for 3 lottery lines. The great, dependable online lottery suppliers such as Lottosend offer a service fee above this. It is fair since they are the ones who perform the legwork.

Participating States

Initially, Mega-Sena was just sold to Brazilian residents. In case a player desired to take part, they needed to go to the South American state to buy a ticket as well as redeem any winnings.

This is not the case anymore since it is possible to buy Mega-Sena tickets from a lot of retail stores all over the world. They are also present at online ticket vendors who are internationally recognized.

Three of the reliable websites provide ticket purchases through online account: Lottosend, LottoKings, and WinTrillions. Lottosend also presents a phone-based option that can be reached from any area in the globe.

Other outlets are available for purchasing Mega-Sena Lottery tickets; however, these three comply with SSL certificate and purchaser protection policies to defend the confidentiality of players.

Any person above 18 years old can play Mega-Sena, with the exception of areas of the United States because of jurisdiction limitations.

Find out the quality of review of any online service for ticket concierge prior to choosing to utilize your payment technique to pay for any online lottery game. The above-mentioned three vendors have brilliant reputations.

Playing Mega-Sena

It is very easy to play Mega-Sena. The style is the same as other games for pick-6 digit. The numbers vary from 1-60. The Mega-Sena format enables the players to select even 15 total digits. Since the number of options increases to nearly the limit of 15 numbers, the cost of the ticket rises; however, the winning prospects increase also.

Mega-Sena is popular as the hugest lottery game is Brazil and is normally viewed as among the most thrilling lotteries present to global lottery fans. Draws for Mega-Sena get a lot of support due to its commitment to social growth; however, it also promises amazing jackpot prizes.

An interesting twist exists in the way digits are chosen in Mega-Sena. The method of playing is a bit different compared to what is usually utilized in regular pick-6 lotteries. As stated, the player chooses 6 digits from a 1-60 range.

But, the initial digit can range from 0-5. The second digit is then selected from 0-9. In case 0 is drawn, it is automatically tallied as the digit 60 and two digits are chosen particularly for every winning digit.

Mega-Sena provides an unusual kind of lottery selection procedure as players are offered an opportunity to work some probability level into their initial two selections, as the number of options is drastically lower.

This is a huge difference between Mega-Sena and traditional lottery games such as the Canadian Lotto 6/49 or USA Powerball. It is one of the attractive perks which makes very many people play many cards every draw date.

Weekly Day Draw

Mega-Sena offers remarkable jackpot prizes each week. Drawings are held at 2:00 pm Brazilian time every Wednesday and Saturday. All weekly drawings occur every week the whole year. In addition, every fifth draw provides special drawings and other special event Mega-Sena prize drawing. New Year’s Eve lottery is the most noticeable.

New Year’s special draw is known as Mega Da Virada and is popular because it is a big jackpot amount. The best feeling is to usher in the New Year with a fantastic windfall. There is no roll over for the Mega Da Virada.

If no winner is present at the prize tier for 6 numbers, the cash all rolls down to the following tier. This is a large element of the special draw for New Year’s Day, making it a very famous lottery event.

With a huge payout such as this, it is a guarantee that someone becomes the winner of the ultimate prize, the Mega Da Virada, which is a lottery that has lottery options that are highest played around the globe.

Prize Tiers

Three prize tiers exist, facilitating varied methods of winning when playing Mega-Sena. Players match four digits to win the lowest tier known as Quadra. A winner for the second prize is available also, Quina when five of the digits drawn are matched. In case each of the six digits is selected appropriately, the ticket jackpot is known as Sena.

By dividing the prize winnings into 3 levels, this signifies that the amount shall be split between a number of people, rather than only one prospective winner. This leads to larger jackpots.

The percentages are divided with a steady decrease from the Sena winner to the Quina. The correct 6 out of 6 high prize bonanza is 46% of the prize of the jackpot amount.

An even percentage of 20 are divided between the 2nd and 3rd tier winners. At the end of each annual jackpot, a fund of 25% is committed to special draws like the New Year’s Eve.

The same as the roll down on the special lottery drawing for New Year, the sharing of big winning quantities between three tiers of winners assists to improve the global attraction of Mega-Sena.

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