Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

It is everyone’s desire to win a lottery prize. Everybody wants to become wealthy somehow or the other. It is with this dream to become rich that people purchase lottery tickets and take part in lottery games. Ever since governments around the globe introduced their lotteries, commoners have had a chance, however distant, of winning a prize. It has given a common person an excuse to dream about becoming rich overnight, however flimsy it may be.

The latest person to be living this dream of becoming rich overnight is Troy Brown from Kelowna who purchased a Lotto Max ticket. It was an unplanned purchase of the ticket that made him win half-a-million dollars. Brown who is a resident of Okanagan bought the winning ticket from a convenience store, Circle K on Glenmore Drive.

He checked his ticket while stopping at a grocery shop for lunch. Brown revealed that when he found out that he had won $500,000 he just could not believe.

Doubtful about his win, Brown asked a person present in the store to ensure that what he was seeing was right. As he went through a gamut of emotions, his body was shaking and the person had to help him scan the ticket.

He wasn’t able to get through his wife over the phone, so he left her several messages showing his excitement.

Brown was so thrilled and ecstatic that he celebrated by treating his colleagues to dinner.

The next big question he was posed with was where he would spend his windfall. Brown plans to take family trip to Costa Rica or Hawaii, whenever it is safe to travel. Travel activities have been limited due to threats of the spread of coronavirus. It sure will be refreshing and relaxing for him to go on a holiday with his family. He told the lottery officials that for him and his family the lottery winnings were a game-changer.

Lotto Max is amongst the top three national lottery games offered by British Columbia Lottery Corporation. The other two are Daily Grand and Lotto 6/49.

While British Columbia Lottery Corporation offers this game, it is managed by the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation. The players of the game are supposed to choose seven numbers from a selection of fifty numbers.

There have been many huge winners of Lotto Max over the course of the game’s existence. In September 2015, Lotto Max saw its first ever drawing of $60 million. The single winning ticket was purchased in Brampton. In June of 2019, a winning ticket was sold in Montreal with Lotto Max drawing of $65 million. In December 2019 a $65 million drawing was left without a winner, however in January 2020 a lucky someone won $70 million.



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