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The New Year is almost here and the Pennsylvania Lottery has already started making preparations for it. In order to welcome the New Year (2021), the PA Lottery has introduced a ‘New Year’s Millionaire Raffle’. Just recently, the PA Lottery has revealed that it has drawn the winning numbers for the $100,000 Weekly Drawing.

This is the third $100,000 weekly drawing that the PA Lottery has made for the upcoming New Year’s Millionaire Raffle. These weekly raffles are made to be a part of the grand drawing that will take place on January 2, 2021.

The PA Lottery has revealed the details of the $100,000 winning weekly raffle ticket. It has revealed that the winning numbers for the weekly raffle are 00073866. As part of the process, the number was drawn randomly and these are the numbers that got lucky.

There were more than 38,700 players who had purchased the tickets to try their luck of winning $100,000. The tickets for the particular draw were sold to more than 38,700 players between the 17th of November and the 23rd of November.

The PA Lottery has also confirmed the county where the $100,000 prize-winning lucky ticket has found its place. The prize-winning ticket was sold to a resident in York County. Furthermore, the PA Lottery has also revealed the name and address of the store where the ticket was sold from.

The prize-winning ticket was sold from the Sheetz store that is located on 4025 West Market Street, York (York).

The PA Lottery has also encouraged the rest of the players to see if they have won a prize from the weekly draws. It has provided information on how the players can check to see if they have a prize or not. The players can either visit the PA Lottery’s official website or the lottery retailer.

When visiting, the players can scan the weekly raffle ticket using the checker provided on the website as well as the lottery retailer’s shops.

The PA Lottery has informed the players that the claim for the $100,000 prize cannot be made at the lottery retailer shop. If a player finds out they have won the prize, they would need to set up an appointment with the PA Lottery. Once set up, the player can visit the PA Lottery office to claim the prize.

However, the PA Lottery has advised that their headquarters in Middleton is still closed to the public. The PA Lottery has requested all of its lottery players and winners to go through the instructions for claiming prizes and go through the official rules and requirements.

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