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Online Lottery In India

In India people love to play lottery games! India is known for a large variety of lotto games. Each Locality in India has their own lotteries, for example in the Kerala region people play “Kerala Lotteries” and similarly in Punjab, Goa and Sikkim each local state government runs local lottery games. A research that took place in 2010 found that every day in India over 100 million people buy lotto tickets for one game or another. So you can see how the play India lottery industry also makes a whole lot of money every year.

Indians that want to play lottery games online from India can choose from a variety of over 50 international lotto games or from their own pool of over 30 different local Indian lotto games when playing online. However with much bigger jackpots at hand many Indians choose to play American, European, Canadian and Australian lotteries when playing online.

Play India Lottery – USA Lotteries

Some of the popular USA lotto games that people in India like to play online are the US Powerball and US Mega Millions which both have a minimum starting jackpot prize of $40,000,000 which is today worth 2,836,020,000 Indian Rupee! Also the popular California SuperLotto Plus has a huge minimum jackpot of $7 million. With jackpots this size is is no surprise that everyone wants a chance at these jackpots.

Play India Lottery – European Lotteries

Playing online lottery from India doesn’t only include the huge US jackpot lotto games, as the European Euromillions and Eurojackpot and also the UK National Lotto are very popular among Indians that want to play online. Purchasing tickets may cost a little bit more than they would cost if you were buying the tickets locally but with the huge jackpots of up to €190 million, spending a few dollars on a ticket is more than worth it!

Play India Lottery – Canadian Lotteries

In Canada there are two big jackpot games which are the Lotto Max and the Canada Lotto 6/49 which both have huge jackpot which can reach up to tens of millions of Canadian dollars. These games are also often played online by Indians from within India as they are looking for the chance to get the larger jackpot games.

Play India Lottery – Australian Lotteries

In Australia the most popular lottery games to play online are definitely the OZ Lotto, Saturday Lotto and Powerball, which all have good sized jackpots. These are all weekly jackpots and tickets can be purchased online from India through an online lotto concierge service.

Indian Lotto VS Other Lotto Games

When you compare the jackpots of Indian lotto games with USA, European, Canadian and Australian lottos, you can see why people play India lotto online and buy international lotto tickets from other countries instead of buying locally. The jackpots are much bigger than the local ones, when compared and the prizes are much more enticing!

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