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Play Lottery Online – New Zealand

Online Lottery Ticket World New Zealand

Buy lottery tickets online from home for the biggest international lotteries in the world including USA Powerball, USA Mega Millions, Europe Euromillions and the Spanish Christmas lottery El Gordo de Navidad.

Local New Zealand Lottery Games VS Other Lottos

News Zealand locals love to play lotto games, they have a large list of lottos including twice-weekly NZ Lotto draw, daily Keno, Bullseye, Play 3 and lots of different scratchcard lottos. There is also the optional extras with every ticket bought such as Powerball and lotto Strike.

But the fact is that these lotto games have relatively small jackpots of only up to $1,000,000. Other lotto games from Europe and the USA have bigger jackpots that can reach up to more than a BILLION dollars, this is why many people in New Zealand decide to play overseas lotto games online, instead of their local lotto games.

More and more people in New Zealand have seen the many advantages of playing online, which include bigger jackpots, syndicate play, jackpot alerts, playing from the comfort of your own home and of course – bonus tickets and promotions that can always be found easily online.

Online Lottery Ticket World New Zealand