Thu. May 30th, 2024

The Lotto New Zealand (NZ) is glad to announce the latest wins claimed by ten lucky players. This is another achievement for Lotto NZ in that ten lucky players have successfully won $28,267 each playing the game.

The Lotto NZ players have revealed that the lucky players are the latest winners of the second division prize money. The total prize money for the 2nd division of the Lotto NZ was $282,670. As ten players won the same 2nd division prize, therefore, each player has taken home prize money worth $28,267.

According to Lotto NZ, the draw for the game had been held on Saturday, October 23, 2021. From the game, thousands of players had the opportunity of winning decent prizes. However, the 2nd division was the highest prize won by the players from the particular draw.

Unfortunately, there was no winner for the 1st division prize from the particular draw. Still, there is good news for the participants for the upcoming draw for the Lotto NZ. As the jackpot prize was not claimed, it would roll over to the upcoming draw, offering an even higher jackpot prize to the players.

The Lotto New Zealand officials have also shared that all the players are different and are not a part of a syndicate. They are from different areas in New Zealand and they were purchasing tickets from their respective stores. The officials have also revealed the areas where the players had purchased their tickets from.

The officials have revealed that out of the total wins, four players are from different areas of Auckland. Then the rest of the players are from different areas that include Cambridge, Wairoa, Feilding, Levin, Christchurch, and Temuka.

The officials have also shared the names of the stores where the players had purchased the tickets from. The names of these stores include Countdown Metro, Countdown Airport, Panorama Dairy, Countdown Cambridge, Mobil Wairoa, Countdown Feilding, Levin Lucky Lotto, MyLotto, and Village Post Temuka.

The Lotto New Zealand officials have congratulated the winners for their phenomenal wins. They have also congratulated the stores where the players had purchased their lucky tickets from.

So far, only two players out of the total ten players have appeared to claim their prizes. One of the prizes claiming players revealed that he had been playing the game for a really long with hopes of winning a prize someday. Finally, he has won the prize and will be partying with his entire family.

This ensures that he is going to have a wonderful Christmas with his family this year. The other player had similar kinds of feelings but he plans on taking his mother to France to visit her parents and spend Christmas there.

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