Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

The Lott is here again to talk about the ten players that have won prizes worth millions playing different games. However, all these games have been powered by “The Lott” so it is a proud moment for the lottery officials as they have handed over the prizes to the rightful winners.

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So far, the officials have handed over prizes only to 4 winners out of the total 10 winners. So the officials are taking the opportunity to share the stories of the 4 winners, how they are going to spend their money.

The first winning story is of a couple that is from Cairns. The lottery officials have revealed that the Logan couple has won prize money playing the Gold Lotto game powered by “The Lott”. The prize they have won is worth $1,000,000. This is one of the most phenomenal wins for the couple and for the Cairns area. Not many players have won prizes playing from the Cairns area so it is an achievement for the lucky couple.

The couple is old and they have won the prize money in the retirement so they are going to make each moment count with the prize money they have won. The couple called their children and let them know about the win. They are going to celebrate the win with their family and save the moment.

The second winning story is of a couple from Forest Lake that has won prize money worth $1,000,000 playing the same game. The couple is from Forrest Lake winning a million-dollar prize. The couple received the call while they were having breakfast. The couple stated that it was the best breakfast they had in their entire lives. The couple stated that they were almost broke when they sat down for breakfast and by the end of their breakfast, they were million-dollar rich.

The third winner is from Maldon that has won prize money worth $2.5 million playing the TattsLotto game. The player was not sure what had happened when the lottery officials called up him to break the news. The player had his dream come true when he won prize money worth $2.5 million. According to the player, he was tired of living on rent and wanted to buy himself a new house. The player stated he was saving up money to get a house financed for him but now he is going to buy his dream house.

Then the four winners is a mother from New South Wales that has won prize money worth $1,000,000. The player revealed that she is glad her son was by her side when she received the call because she literally fainted and her son held her. The player stated that the first thing she is going to do after claiming her money is going to a showroom and buy a new car for the family.

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