Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Someone in Dockland has won a Set for Life division one prize worth $4.8 million and they could not be any less happy. The winning man is ready to take ship for a new life and journey, as he becomes a millionaire overnight. The amount is certainly enough to help him build his life afresh.

The lucky winner who is in his 50s living in Dockland had participated in the 1 May 2021 draw of the Set for Life lottery. Set for Life in its true sense ensures you have all that is needed to live comfortably for the rest of your life. With the Set for Life lottery, you get a chance to win $20,000 each month for twenty years if you win the division one prize.

This winner too shall have his life set, as now he will receive $20,000 every month for the next twenty years. The winning Melburnian remained unaware of his win up until the Lott officials themselves informed him about it. As he expressed his astonishment and excitement, all he could repeatedly utter be Wow.

He told Lott that the news had his heart racing. He had not expected such a turn of events amidst a chilled day of doing nothing. He was so ecstatic and admitted to the lottery officials that it would take some time to sink in the win.

The winning man revealed that this was not his first time playing Set for Life and he has been playing for a while. However, it is his first-ever win and he had never thought what he would do if he ever won. Not sure about what he would do with the win; he stated that he would carry on with life until he figures it out. According to him, the win changes everything for him. It seems like the win really means something to him so it is only wise to let things fall in place on their own.

While he shall continue with his work this week, he can definitely think of early retirement. The man revealed to Lott that a lottery win makes retirement an easy option whenever he plans to take it.

He had purchased his QuickPick ticket from the Australian lottery’s official website,

With this win, the Lott gets its seventy-seventh winner for the Set for Life division one, nationwide, since the inception of the game. It also marks as of now the seventh winner of the Set for Life division one for this current year.

Set for Life has eight prize divisions with varying winning combos. While for division one prize you need to get seven winning numbers, for division two six winning numbers and 1 supplementary is required. The division two prize is also quite exciting as the second division winner gets to receive $5,000 per month for an entire year.



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