Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Right when the entire world started thinking that all hope was lost due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the PA Lottery players have become extremely lucky. There was a time when it was considered impossible even for a single person to win a jackpot. Now, there are more than one players who are fortunate enough to win the same jackpot prize and share it among themselves.

The Pennsylvania Lottery brings you the news for another jackpot prize that has not one, not two, but three lucky winners. The jackpot prize that the three players managed to share among themselves was for the Treasure Hunt Game. The Treasure Hunt game is backed by the Pennsylvania Lottery that is known for providing many opportunities to the lottery players.

The Pennsylvania Lottery confirmed that the draw for the particular draw was held on December 20, 2020. The jackpot prize that three tickets manage to win and split is $122,001.

The Pennsylvania Lottery has also revealed the name of the counties where the tickets were sold from. The PA Lottery confirmed that the tickets were sold in the Venango, Allegheny, and Erie counties.

The Pennsylvania Lottery confirmed that all three tickets managed to match all five sets of numbers and are eligible for the jackpot prize.

The details of the stores have also been shared where the lucky tickets were purchased from. The PA Lottery has shared this information to encourage the players and the stores to check with their regular lottery players to see if they could be the winners.

The name of the third and the last store is Emlenton Truck Plaza that is located at 6406 Emlenton-Clintonville Road, Emlenton (Venango County).

The name of the first store is Giant Eagle that is located in the Parkway Center Mall. The Mall is located at 1165 McKinney Lane, Pittsburg (Allegheny County).

The name of the second store is County Fair, which is located on 5008 Peach Street, Erie (Erie County).

The PA Lottery revealed that the five sets of lucky numbers that were drawn are 03-16-17-20-24. By matching all five sets of numbers each of the three tickets has managed to win a prize of $40,667.

Apart from the three lucky winners, there are more than 36,500 lottery players that have managed to win something from the Treasure Hunt Lottery game.

The prize winners for the Treasure Hunt game have 1 year time to claim their winnings. The Lottery has encouraged all its lottery players to check their tickets on a regular basis to see if they have also won something.

The draws for the Treasure Hunt game are held seven days a week and are held in the day.

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