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There are three new millionaires in Ireland, as three lucky players were able to win big in the special EuroMillions raffle event that was conducted on Friday, February 3rd, 2023.

The raffle

The EuroMillions draw’s special raffle that was held on Friday guaranteed that a total of 100 new people would become millionaires across the nine countries that were participating in it.

The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Austria and Ireland were the nine countries that participated in the special raffle.

Each of the 100 winners in the special raffle draw were guaranteed to win a prize of €1 million.

The winners

Unfortunately, there was no one who was able to win the jackpot in the EuroMillions draw that took place on February 3rd, Friday.

However, there were about 76,000 players in Ireland who were able to scoop up prizes in both the EuroMillions as well as the EuroMillions Plus draw.

These include the three punters who were able to win €1 million in the special EuroMillions Raffle draw. The next morning, the National Lottery revealed the locations of the three players.

One of them was from Dublin, the other from Meath and the third one was from Donegal, all of whom landed €1 million in the raffle.

The National Lottery also confirmed that one of the tickets that won €1 million in the raffle prize in Dublin had been purchased online.

As for the other two winners from Meath and Donegal, they bought their tickets from retail stores and their locations will be disclosed in the next few days.

The National Lottery

A spokesperson for the National Lottery called onto all EuroMillions players from Ireland to take a look at their tickets to ensure they do not miss out on the big prizes after the draw on Friday night.

The spokesperson said that Friday night had been a great one for all Irish players who participated in the EuroMillions draw, as they were able to win three of the 100 guaranteed prizes in the special raffle.

The spokesperson said that they would give a few days to the winners of the €1 million prize to allow their win to sink in before they reveal the exact locations from where the tickets were bought.

They said that they were also looking forward to sharing the news of the big prizes with the retail locations that have sold the tickets.

The National Lottery said that there would be lots of celebrations when they reveal the local retailers and they were excited to do so.

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