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Pennsylvania is back with not just one but three announcements this time for three “Cash 5” lottery tickets. The reason for the announcements is to reach out to the players to give them their won prize monies. The prize monies from all three tickets sum all the way up to $750,000, and the hunt is on for the rightful winners.

The officials have shared all the details they have available for all three Cash 5 lottery tickets with hopes of finding the players. The majority of the time, the player does not even know they have won the prize until someone makes them aware of it.

The lottery officials are hoping that the players will show up soon even by the end of the month to claim their prizes. However, the lottery prizewinners have ample amounts of months to claim the prize monies they have won playing Cash 5 games.

The PA lottery team has revealed that the first ticket was sold in Centre County. The player reportedly purchased the Cash 5 lottery ticket for the draw held on May 1, 2021.

The lucky numbers drawn by the officials on May 1 were 40-36-26-16-3 and the lucky ticket matched all five. The lucky Cash 5 ticket ended up winning the top prize money of $275,000.

The $275,000 prize-winning Cash 5 ticket was sold from Ingram’s Market. The particular store is located at 150 Nittany Valley Drive, Bellefonte.

The second ticket was sold in Westmoreland County. According to the officials, the Cash 5 lottery ticket sold was for the draw held back on May 3, 2021. The ticket purchased by the player from Westmoreland County had to match the numbers: 36-29-22-7-3 in order to win the top prize of $200,000.

Luckily, the ticket matched all five lucky numbers and did manage to win the $200,000 top prize.

The lucky ticket was reportedly sold from Rick’s Tobacco Shop, which is located at 5024 Route 30, Greensburg.

The third lucky ticket for Cash 5 was sold in Washington County. The draw for the particular Cash 5 lottery game was held on May 6, 2021. The lucky numbers that the lottery officials drew for the particular draw were 43-41-33-2-1.

In order for the ticket to win the $275,000 top prize, it had to match all five numbers, which it did and made the player $275,000 richer.

The lottery team has confirmed that the player had purchased his/her $275,000 Cash 5 prize-winning ticket from Bentleyville Sunoco, which is located at 800 Main Street, Bentleyville.

The officials have confirmed that all three stores have also won a $500 bonus commission each for selling the prize-winning tickets.

Now the players have one year time from the draw dates to show up and claim their prize money before it expires.

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