Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

People usually talk about the high odds when they discuss lotteries. You have a group of people trying to convince the other that lotteries can bring in a lot of money. 

On the other hand, you have another group of people trying to convince others that the odds are so high that they can never win. But what about this man from Michigan who bought tickets accidentally and won $2 million?

After working hard all your life, you will be very comfortable after your retirement when you have money in your bank account.

There are people who never believe that lotteries work and do not think of buying a ticket ever. Then some take chances, invest, and get wealthier.

A man from Michigan got wealthier after he won a $2 Million lottery ticket. He purchased two tickets. He bought one online ticket for the June drawing to play on his birthday’s number 02-06-11-11-28.

He did not realize and bought one more online ticket for the same birthday number. He actually forgot to save his first ticket number for future play. 

This is one of those mistakes that bring you good luck. It was Samir’s lucky day for sure.

He was bummed that he bought two lottery tickets with the same numbers, Samir Mazahem told the Michigan Lottery but he wasn’t much worried about it. 

To check on the tickets and save the numbers, he then logged on to the Michigan lottery app. What he saw was the happiest moment of his life. There were two pending tickets each worth $1 million.

The best thing about the Michigan lottery is that after the drawing date, you are allowed to claim up to one year. 

Samir Mazahem said that he was stunned and did not realize for several days that it was really that he won $2 million with two tickets. Yes, two tickets with identical numbers. 

He then claimed his winning tickets. With the amount of his winnings he bought a home, he always dreamed of. He has a little business plan to invest some in and will save the rest for his future.

He has a family. Samir considers himself unbelievably lucky to have won such an amount and will save for his retirement. Guess odds weren’t that high for Samir anyway.

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