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Wherever there is talk of players and winners from the lottery industry, the topic remains incomplete until the scratch-off games are not mentioned. The scratch-off gaming industry has been the pinnacle of the lottery business as most of the lottery operators favor scratch-off games over lottery draw games.

The reason why the scratch-off games are supported on a tremendous scale is that they are really easy and convenient for both lottery operators and players. When playing the scratch-off games, the players do not have to worry about the draw taking place after someday.

Instead, the players can find out if they have won prize money or not, right at the spot by scratching the tickets. Quite surprisingly, the scratch-off games have also proven to be extremely lucrative for the participants, as they have been winning huge prizes through these games.

Although there are several scratch-off gaming operators, yet there are two major scratch-off games currently ruling the US lottery market. The name of the first game is Millionaire’s Club while the name of the second game is Fast Cash Fever.

The name of the first winner is Martha O’Bryan who is a resident of Tacoma. The player had participated in the Millionaire’s Club and she successfully won prize money worth $1,000,000 playing the game.

The name of the second winner is Valentina I B. who is a resident of Kent. The player had participated in the Fast Cash Fever and she successfully won prize money worth $10,000 playing the game.

The officials are really excited for the players as they have managed to achieve something that only 1 in million players manage to achieve. As for Martha, she has achieved something that one in hundreds of millions is able to achieve playing lottery games.

Once again, the scratch-off games have proven their worth and have helped change the lives of the players forever. Even if it is not permanent, it is still something that the players won’t forget throughout their lifetime.

Martha O’Bryan had purchased her ticket from 7-Eleven #18194D. The particular store is located at 5605 South Birmingham Street, Tacoma. The store is also eligible for a bonus commission for selling the winning ticket to the winner.

Valentina I B had reportedly purchased her ticket from Safeway Store #459. The particular store is located at 20830 108th Avenue Southeast, Kent.

Martha revealed that she is going to use the money and take her entire family to Ireland where she spent her childhood and celebrate Christmas Holidays there.

As for Valentina, she stated that she is going to pay off her bills and use the rest of the money towards her retirement plan.

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