Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

The Pennsylvania Lottery officials have news around two lucky tickets that have managed to win huge prizes playing lottery games. Both tickets are from Pennsylvania and as per the lottery officials, they have won a total of $605,270.

The lottery officials are very excited about the wins but they have revealed that they are still on the lookout for the winners. For now, no contact has been made with either of the winners. The lottery officials are waiting to be contacted, so they can proceed with necessary processes and requirements.

The officials have revealed that both tickets are for the same game powered by Pennsylvania. The name of the game is Cash 5 with Quick Cash, which has a major status among the lottery draw games powered by the PA Lottery.

The officials have revealed that the first ticket for the Cash 5 with Quick Cash was sold in Bedford County. The draw for the Bedford County ticket was held on Tuesday, July 27, 2021. The lucky numbers the officials drew for the particular draw were 40-39-36-32-8.

The ticket that the player from Bedford County purchased ended up matching all five lucky numbers, winning the player the top prize money. The player in the respective county now has $300,000 waiting for him to be claimed.

The lottery team has also confirmed that the lucky player winning the $300,000 prize had purchased it from the SAC Shop. The particular shop is located at 13107 Lincoln Highway, Everett. The store is also eligible for a $500 bonus commission for its efforts, hard work, and loyalty to the Pennsylvania Lottery.

The officials have revealed that more than 10,500 proved to be very lucky as they all ended up winning different prizes from the particular draw.

Then there is the second ticket, which is also for the same game but a different draw date. The officials have revealed that the particular ticket had been purchased by the player in Allegheny County. The draw for the particular ticket and game was held on Friday, July 23, 2021.

At the time of the draw, the lucky draw numbers that the operator drew for the top prize winners were 43-42-22-15-1. The ticket purchased by the Allegheny County player turned out to be very lucky as it matched all five of the lucky numbers. This resulted in the player earning prize money of $305,270.

The player winning the top prize money from the game had purchased his lucky ticket from Duncan Manor Exxon. The store is reportedly located at 1700 Ferguson Road, Allison Park. As per the officials, the store is going to receive a bonus commission worth $500 for selling the ticket.

In the particular lottery draw, more than 12,400 players who participated have won prizes belonging to different ranges.

As per lottery officials, both winners now have a time period of 1 year from the lottery draw date to show up and claim their prize money.


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