Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

The Pennsylvania Lottery is here to talk about the winnings of two lucky tickets that have won huge prizes. The officials have revealed that the lucky tickets winning huge prizes have won the prizes playing the same game.

According to the lottery officials, the name of the lucky game is Cash 5 with Quick Cash. The people of Pennsylvania and surrounding states loving playing the game and entertain themselves. The Cash 5 with Quick Cash belongs to the list of the lottery draw games and it is constantly growing bigger.

The Pennsylvania Lottery is one of the largest state operators in the United States and is responsible for generating several hundred million on monthly basis from sales.

The Pennsylvania Lottery is also able to generate very high figures for charitable causes, especially, for the education sector.

While the Pennsylvania Lottery is extremely organized and celebrated, it has one major concern and the problem it continues facing. That particular concern is that many of the prizes won by players are never claimed. The players never show up to claim their prizes, which is a huge concern for the lottery officials.

It puts a negative impact on the reputation of the Pennsylvania Lottery, as many think that these prizes are planted. People perceive that the PA Lottery has planted these prizes and there are no real winners of the prizes.

This is the reason why the PA Lottery is always anxious to find these players and give their prizes over to them.

This time, the first ticket is from Montgomery County for Cash 5 with Quick Cash game. The draw for the particular ticket was held on Thursday, August 5, 2021. The lucky draw numbers that the player had to match in order to win the top prize were 38-19-11-10-8.

Fortunately, the lucky ticket managed to match all five numbers, winning the top prize money worth $850,000. The ticket for the particular game was purchased from Giant Food Stores. It is located at 1925 Norristown Road, Maple Glen.

According to the lottery officials, the lucky Giant Food Store is also going to receive a bonus commission worth $5,000 for selling the $850k winning ticket.

Then the second ticket for the Cash 5 with Quick Cash game was sold in Columbia County. The draw for the particular game was held back on August 15, 2021. The lucky numbers for the particular draw were 38-24-18-17-8. The lucky ticket managed to match all five numbers to win prize money worth $1,000,000.

The store that sold the lucky ticket to the customer is called the Giant Food Stores, which is located at 1000 Scott Town Center, Bloomsburg. The store is reportedly going to receive a $5,000 bonus commission for selling the lucky ticket.

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