Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

The Lotterywest is here with a huge announcement for the lottery players all over Australia as well as the entire world. The Lotterywest team believes that no matter the winning amount, it always serves the purpose of being an inspiration for the entire lottery community.

Therefore, whether a few hundred dollars or millions in prizes, the Lotterywest officials share the winner details. They do it with the aim to inject hope and motivation into other players so they can also come forth and play lottery games.

This time, the Lotterywest has the story of two particular winners that have won Division 1 prizes playing the Oz Lotto game. The officials have confirmed that the Oz Lotto game they participated in had the draw held on Tuesday, May 4, 2021.

The Lotterywest is excited to announce that both Division 1 players have shown up and claimed their prizes. Both players were super excited as they visited the Lotterywest’s headquarters to claim their prize money.

According to the lottery officials, both players were blessed with $5 million each for playing the Oz Lotto and winning Division 1 prize.

The officials have confirmed that the first player is a resident from Roleystone and is currently in his 30’s. The player informed the officials that he plays the Lotterwest lottery games online through their website. He currently has a membership for the Lotterywest and he uses it to play only the jackpot games.

However, the $5 million wins came to him as a surprise, as he physically went ahead and purchased the ticket for the particular game. The player informed the officials that he was at a store when he had the idea of purchasing a lottery ticket with some change he had.

The inspiration behind him purchasing the ticket was a big change and the goals he had in his life. Therefore, he decided to take the risk and went for the Oz Lotto ticket. To his utmost surprise, he ended up winning $5 million from the Oz Lotto.

The player stated that with the money, he would be able to buy a new house for his family, as he and his wife are expecting their first child. He also wanted to buy a car for himself and his wife once the kid was born so that is covered. The player stated he wants to complete his studies and will be able to pay with it in cash.

The second player is a construction worker from Beeliar who learned about his win as he was headed home. The player informed the officials that he was heading home when he decided to purchase a new Oz Lotto ticket.

At the counter, as he opened his wallet to pay for the ticket, he realized he already had a ticket in there, which was not checked. He had it checked and turns out; he was the winner of a $5 million Division 1 prize.

The player stated that with the money, he can easily 10 years off of his working life and spend them with convenience.

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