Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Last night was the day of draw for Canterbury’s Lotto. At least three players of the lotto came out to be the lucky winners. The jackpot for the last night’s Powerball was US$ 14 Million.

After the draw took place, it was confirmed that a person from Palmerston North had bought the ticket. It was told that the lucky winner had hit the jackpot prize of US$ 14.3 Million.

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The jackpot prize of Wednesday’s draw was comprising of US$ 14 Million from the Powerball’s First Division. The rest of the US$ 333,333 were pooled in from the First Division of the Lotto which comprised the total prize money to be US$ 14.3 Million.

Further details indicated that the jackpot prize winning ticket was purchased from Melody’s New World.

In this year alone this was the third biggest prize which was offered by the famous lotto. Earlier the highest prize won in the same year was in February wherein the prize money was US$ 25.1 Million. The winner of that humongous sum of money was reported to be a resident of Auckland.

Three weeks back another player from Morrinsville had successfully bagged out US$ 5.5 Million. However, the prize money had not been claimed as yet.

It is said that the winner might be taking his time which is normal when somebody hits a mega prize. A day before, a winner of mega millions also reported to have claimed his prize after 4 month. It was told that the winner had first established an LLC to claim the prize money in the name of the company. He then opted to cash out entire sum in lump sum.

In the case of US$ 14.3 Million prize, again the lucky winner had not showed up. Not even a call had been received at the office of the lotto.

Apart from US$ 14.3 Million prize there were also two other lucky winners from Kaiapoi and Asburton. Both of them had won a prize money of US$ 333,333 each. The two winning tickets were sold at different places. One ticket was purchased by the winner from Kaiapoi New World. While the other lucky winner from Ashburton had bought the ticket online through Mylotto app.

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