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LODI, CA (KTXL/CNN) – The wet weather is frustrating for some, but one lucky Lodi man thanks the rain for his lottery win.

After a mudslide Tuesday closed a road Jason Prewett usually takes to get his lotto tickets, he went to a different liquor store and hit the storm jackpot.

“I came up to the counter and got two scratchers,” Prewett said. It wasn’t a normal Tuesday any more. “I started freaking out,” Prewett said.

“I was yelling at myself driving. I was calling my wife.” The father of two hit the jackpot at Save Mart, $750,000, all thanks to the rain.

“I couldn’t believe it. It was something else, mind blowing,” Prewett said. “Twenty minutes later, he comes back, and he’s like, ‘You’re my new best friend.’ And I’m like, ‘What the heck?'” said Manpreet Ghuane, the Save Mart employee that sold Prewett the winning ticket.

A ticket with a jackpot this big has never been sold at the liquor store.

A mystery crossword scratcher changed that. Since age 18, Prewett has been buying scratchers, now at 35, he finally hit it big.

“I just had a feeling I would win someday. I told that to my family and wife. I said, I just had a feeling someday it’ll pay off, and it did,” Prewett said.

Prewett admits he wasn’t a fan of the wet weather: “I don’t like the rain.” Now $750,000 richer, he’s changing his tune.

Prewett said his family struggled financially before winning this jackpot. Now he’ll use the money to pay off bills and buy a house.

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