Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

The Florida Lottery is back again with an exciting announcement around two players that have won huge prizes from one of the games. The lottery officials have confirmed that the first lucky winner is from Hudson and the other winner is from Cape Coral.

Fortunately for the winners, they had decided to opt for one of the most popular and widely player scratch-off games known as “The Fastest Road To $1,000,000”.

The Florida Lottery is excited to reveal that both the players were lucky enough to have won $1,000,000 each. The $1,000,000 is the maximum prize that is offered to players through “The Fastest Road To $1,000,000”.

The players had provided their winnings tickets for the prize claim through different channels. The first winner, Michael Swartz from Hudson had signed and mailed the winning scratching card over to Florida Lottery’s head office in Tallahassee.

On the other hand, Richard Speights from Cape Coral had secured his prize-winning ticket at the Fort Myers District Office dropbox.

The players had the option of either going with the one-time lump amount or go with the annuity plan. However, both winners decided to go for the one-time lump sum prize and each received $790,000 after state and federal tax deductions.

The lottery officials have revealed that Swartz had purchased his prize-winning ticket from the Circle K Store. The store is located at 5202 West Sligh Avenue (Tampa). While Speights had purchased his prize-winning ticket from South 41 Bing. The store is located at 12011 South Cleveland Avenue (Fort Myers).

The lottery officials have confirmed that both stores will be receiving a bonus commission of $2,000 each for selling the lucky tickets.

The Florida Lottery officials have congratulated both players for their lucky wins and wished them the very best of luck. The lottery has also stated that the recent win is phenomenal and it is proud that it has produced two new millionaires in the Florida State.

The managers of both the stores were also very excited about the recent prizes claimed by the players. The store managers stated that their staff is filled with joy as their stores ended up selling the million-dollar tickets.

Since the announcement, both stores have announced that they have lottery players lining up at their locations to purchase different lottery tickets.

They were also very excited about the bonus commission they received from the Florida Lottery. As per them, it is the store staff that puts in a lot of effort to ensure that the customers keep coming back and purchase lottery tickets.

The Fastest Road To $1,000,000 scratch-ticket can be acquired from the Florida Lottery retailers for $30. The game was launched back in February of 2020 and has given away 155 prizes of a million apiece.

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