Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

The past week saw a huge Powerball draw in Sydney. For four days the winning amount remained unclaimed and it is only now that the winner has claimed it. The winning woman won $50 million by matching all the lucky numbers, 18-30-16-29-6-33-35, and Powerball number 4.

The woman is said to be in a state of shock ever since she discovered her win. She had participated in the Thursday draw, last week and found out that she had the winning numbers on Monday.

The winning ticket was purchased from one of the stores in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, CTC Eastern.

She revealed that she checked her numbers after she found out that the local outlet in her vicinity had sold the winning ticket.

The winning woman who chose to remain unnamed told The Lott that she was completely shocked and that it felt like a dream. The winning woman accredited her victory to her eleventh-hour decision to risk going in the rain and buying a ticket.

She revealed that initially, she had decided against buying a ticket because she didn’t want to go out in the crappy weather. She also didn’t believe that she could be a winner so she had no motivation to make the effort. However, since nature had some other plans for her, she made that last-minute excursion to the store.

As she found out that she had all the winning numbers, she ran to her husband to give him the wonderful news. When he checked the ticket, he too was as shocked as her. They just couldn’t believe that they had gotten so lucky in a matter of days.

The winning woman told the lot that it was a dream come true and that the lottery has changed everything for the better. She commented that the money will significantly change her and her family’s life. Her excitement was evident by her statements. She exclaimed that she would not sleep until the money has reached her bank account and she has seen it herself.

Like any other millionaire, this couple too can’t get their heads around the fact that they have actually won $50 million.

The lottery officials were hunting down the winner over the weekend. With the winner finally have been found, they can’t wait to present her with the prize.

The newest millionaire was asked how she wished to use the $50 million and she had a few ideas in mind. She explained that the money was going to make life so much easier. She and her husband were conscious of the fact that their family would want to do something with the money too. They are more than happy and willing to share the winning amount with them. The woman revealed that she loves shopping so her to-do list included shopping splurges. While they are not sure, but they might end up buying a house too.

The couple was extremely happy and celebrated with a dinner and champagne.


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