Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

The Pennsylvania Lottery from the USA has produced yet another winner from one of its counties. As always, the PA lottery has kept up with its tradition and noble practice of reaching out to the winners. The PA lottery has yet again revealed the county as well as the name of the store where the winning ticket was sold from.

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The PA lottery has revealed that the lottery prize winning ticket was sold in the Northumberland County of PA. The lottery dealer where the $100k prize winning ticket was sold from is known as the Puff Tobacco Products.

The PA lottery also provided further information around the Puff Tobacco Products shop. They revealed that the shop is located at 180 Duke Street in Northumberland.

The PA lottery confirmed that the shop owner will also be receiving a bonus commission for selling the lucky ticket. The PA lottery informed that the bonus commission that the store will be receiving for selling the $100k jackpot winning ticket would be $500.

The PA lottery revealed that the Cash 5 lottery prize winning ticket belongs to the draw that was held on Tuesday on 17th of November.  The lottery ticket managed to match all 5 balls containing 5 sets of numbers, winning the $100k jackpot prize.

The five sets of lucky numbers drawn were 05-10-13-38-41. The ticket winning the $100k jackpot prize is just the tip of the iceberg. The total number of winners from the Tuesday’s draw is shockingly high and is in thousands.

The Cash 5 lottery confirmed that the total number of winners from the Cash 5 lottery is more than 15,200. Therefore, the players must keep checking their tickets on a regular basis and they may end up being the winners. They can either win a small prize or they can even bag a jackpot prize making them very rich.

For the Cash 5 lottery, the players have the option of choosing 5 sets of numbers that range between 01 and 43. The Cash 5 lottery ticket only costs a dollar so it is one of the most feasible lotteries out there.

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