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The Pennsylvania lottery has really been on the go for making people in PA rich and wealthy. In the ongoing month, the Pennsylvania lottery has announced a number of players who have won several jackpots. With aims to encourage its winners to come forth and claim their prize, PA lottery has taken matters into its own hands.

The Pennsylvania lottery now reveals the name of the town, county as well as the store location where the jackpot ticket was sold from.

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Just recently, the Pennsylvania lottery has revealed the details of the Cash 5 lottery winning ticket. As per the Pennsylvania lottery, the ticket has won a jackpot prize of $150,000. The Pennsylvania lottery revealed that the jackpot prize winning Cash 5 lottery ticket was sold from Uni-Mart.

The Uni-Mart store is located on 207 W. Freedom Avenue, Burnham. The PA lottery has also announced that the owner of the Uni-Mart store will also be receiving a $500 bonus commission. The $500 bonus commission will be given out to the store for selling the jackpot prize winning ticket.

The Cash 5 draw for the lucky ticket was held on Monday, November 9, 2020. The ticket was able to match all 5 sets of numbers from the 5 balls drawn. The lucky numbers drawn from the draw were 04-10-11-29-32. After matching all 5 sets of numbers, the ticket has won a prize of $150,000.

The Pennsylvania lottery has clarified that it reveals the origin of the prize winning tickets once the draw has taken place and the winning ticket has been validated.

Once the draw has taken place and winners have been announced, the winners have a time period of a year to claim the prize. Players that have won the jackpot prize for the Cash 5 lottery are required to visit the nearest lottery office. Otherwise, they can call the 1-800-692-7481 number where they can acquire further details from.

For the Cash 5 lottery players, each ticket costs only a dollar. Players who choose to play Cash 5 lottery get to choose 5 sets of numbers ranging from 01 to 43.

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